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Homeowner’s Insurance Discounts You May Not Have Thought About

While an insurance company’s job is to pay claims in the event of a loss, they would rather prevent them from happening in the first place. There are things you can do to lower your risk and you may have already done them without even knowing it. By mitigating your risk, you are saving the insurance company money in the long run, giving them the ability to pass on some of the savings to you. We at Program Insurance Group understand how unique every situation is and want to help you maximize savings, while getting the most comprehensive coverage available. So here are some of the homeowner’s insurance discounts you may be entitled to:

  • Home security discounts. Living in a gated community is a deterrent to thieves as is a security system and could get you a discount.  Similarly, having dead bolt locks is also something you may want to bring up with your agent.
  • Fire safety discounts. Is your home equipped with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors? Do you have a sprinkler system or heat detectors? What about fire escapes and extinguishers? Having any of these could possibly result in premium savings.  Living near a fire department, in an easily accessible neighborhood might warrant a discount as well.  
  • Home upgrades discounts. Have you updated your home with new wiring or pipes? You could potentially get a credit for this type of upgrade. Is your roof hail resistant? A new roof, particularly one that is impact resistant, typically rated a Class 4, may lead to a lower insurance premium. Before doing a home renovation, check with your insurance company for suggestions to maximize home insurance savings.
  • Safety measures discounts.  Has your home been retrofitted for earthquakes? Having a home that has added safety features could save you money.
  • Claims free discount. No homeowners claim for ten years? That could get you a claims free discount. Some companies will give up to a 20% discount!
  • Mature insured discount. If you are older and retired, you could be eligible for a mature insured discount.  Many carriers offer premium credits for senior age individuals for a variety of reasons.  
  • Multiline discount. Bundling your homeowner’s policies with your other policies could save you some money, be sure to discuss this opportunity with your agent.
  • Autopayment discount. Setting up automatic electronic payment is also another way to get a small discount.
  • Raising your deducible. Doing this could save you money as well by lowering your premium. But make sure your budget can accommodate the higher deductible should the need arise in the event of a claim!
  • Ever changing ratings models. Ratings models are constantly changing.  By working with an independent agent, they have the flexibility to review your coverages and the carrier on your polices.  

At Program Insurance Group, we know your individual situation is different, meaning every insurance policy needs to be tailored to fit your needs. One of our insurance professionals can help you fit the right insurance to fit your needs and protect your most valuable assets at the best price. Contact us today!

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