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Welcome to the Program Insurance Group blog! Do you ever have an insurance question or wonder what you’re even paying for, but don’t want to spend hours searching the internet? We want to make insurance understandable, be your source for education, and explain common coverages. Check back often so you don’t miss our latest insurance insights!


Preparing Your Franchise Business for Hurricane Season

Program Insurance Group gives franchisees industry-specific advice on how they can be prepared for what seems to be ever-increasing in intensity hurricane seasons.
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Professional Liability Update - Homebuilders and Contractors

As the construction industry continues to change and grow, your insurance program should keep pace with those changes. We provide an update on Professional Liability and how it applies to Homebuilders and Contractors.
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Home and Senior Care Franchise Industry Report (2021)

An overview of the Home and Senior Care Franchise Industry by Franchise Direct, with an insurance insight by our owner.
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SmartCompliance integrates with EZ CERT Management to offer a comprehensive franchisee insurance solution

Any large-scale franchise business that wants to grow and prosper safely needs to rely on a secure insurance policy tracking system that protects all the involved parts. To avoid litigation risks, franchisees must have insurance coverage that monitors compliance status.
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Insurance is Boring Until You Need It

Tips on how small business owners should evaluate their insurance needs and the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to insurance.
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How to Best Avoid Restaurant Insurance Pitfalls

Every restaurant owner or franchisee must update insurance coverage, especially during this unprecedented time.
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The Secret of Getting the Right Insurance Coverage as a Franchise

Follow the latest conversation on LinkedIn of Getting the Right Insurance Coverage as a Franchise
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A "How To" for Franchises to Handle Property and Casualty Insurance Purchases Over the Next Couple of Quarters

Check out our featured article on the IFA Community Website and IFA Franchise Blog regarding Property and Casuality Insurance over the next couple of quarters following the results of Covid.  https://www.franchise.org/franchise-information/finance/a-how-to-for-franchises-to-handle-property-and-casualty-insurance https://community.franchise.org/article/member-news/how-franchises-handle-property-and-casualty-insurance-purchases-over-next 
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5 Insurance Questions New Franchisees Should Know the Answer For

Often, aspiring business owners are told to secure insurance with the premise of planning for the worst and hoping for the best. But what does that mean exactly for a new franchise owner?
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COVID-19 & The Insurance Industry! What are the Biggest Challenges?

Coronavirus is a massive challenge to humanity that is not only making things complicated for human sustenance but also the worldwide economy. The insurance industry is one industry that has been impacted the most by COVID-19 and let us know from some industry experts as to what all challenges they are facing presently.
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