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SmartCompliance integrates with EZ CERT Management to offer a comprehensive franchisee insurance solution

11 Mar, 2021 | PIG News, Franchise Insurance | View Counts (3599) |Return|

College Station/Bryan, Texas – March 10, 2021 -- Any large-scale franchise business that wants to grow and prosper safely needs to rely on a secure insurance policy tracking system that protects all the involved parts. To avoid litigation risks, franchisees must have insurance coverage that monitors compliance status.

Today SmartCompliance and Program Insurance Group: EZ CERT Management announced a comprehensive way to streamline insurance certificate tracking and compliance processes with the integration of the two company's proprietary systems.

This technological solution will help the businesses, franchises, franchisors, and franchisees track insurance certificates and ensure compliance. Whether it is coverages, limits, additional insured endorsements, or any other insurance requirement, effectively tracking compliance in one unified software.

This integration makes staying compliant effortless and eases the task of monitoring compliance status. For this goal, the customized software will allow businesses to automate compliance management through:

▫   Automated mapping between fields and their reflection in SmartCompliance Software.

▫   A synchronized Center of Information between all the franchises involved.

▫   Track non-compliance in a seamless and intuitive dashboard.

▫   Optical Character Recognition Technology (OCR) to avoid manual data entry.

▫   Easy and quick view of Insurance Policy details for franchise and the detailed causes of non-compliance.

▫   Filters for insurance policies details create faster reviews.

▫   Automated filters to load and share requirements in groups.

▫   Complete status reports and email templates to send COI notifications to involved parties.

A Centralized & Cloud-Based Franchisee Insurance Tracking Software

The tailored software creates a unique place to centralize Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) and synchronize updates.

“For this first integration, we combine EZ CERT Management expertise with our SmartCompliance technology to develop a powerful software that streamline the information based in another world-class franchise management software: Fran Connect. This platform will simplify the task of tracking non-compliance status and quickly get a notification in a customized and tailored dashboard. The software is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to eliminate the need of manual data entry and automated filters to review and control the status of compliance with the integrated technologies of EZ CERT Management and Fran Connect," says James Benham, co-founder and CEO of SmartCompliance.

We have been working with SmartCompliance for several years and they have never disappointed us. For this challenge, we wanted to facilitate the search for information and compliance tracking of Fran Connect clients so that they can review Insurance Compliance while they are in the field in the quickest and easiest way possible," says Doug Groves, owner at EZ CERT Management.

The First Taste of Success with Tropical Smoothie Cafe

This customized software to track compliance was commissioned by Tropical Smoothie Café, the founders and original owners David Walker, Eric and Delora Jenrich in Tallahassee, Florida.

“We are really excited about this first implementation of the software. At Tropical Smoothie Café, the moto is “Eat better and feel better.”  So, we wanted to make sure that the staple of excellence behind business stayed up to par each step of the way and ensure security for all the members of this great and huge entrepreneur family. Now they eat better, feel better & stay in compliance,” Benham says.

“We successfully created one brand system built with the combined effort from SmartCompliance, EZ CERT Management and Program Insurance Group. The software is ready to roll out and we can implement the same successful system to the more than 800 clients Fran Connect works with. Joining the insurance revolution and tracking compliance status while working in the field is an added value that we are happy to have been able to provide. We proved that this works, and we can do it again to facilitate the daily work of more companies,” says Groves.

To learn more about this integration, please visit Partnership Solutions page.

About SmartCompliance

SmartCompliance provides Insurance Tracking and Compliance Management solutions to Commercial and Residential Insurance Professionals. This powerful software automates Certificate of Insurance and proof of insurance renewals tracking that helps Companies ensure end-to-end compliance. Streamline and speed up the process avoiding manual data entry with the most effective and user-friendly software for COI Processing. To learn more about SmartCompliance visit: https://smartcompliance.co/

EZ CERT Management

EZ CERT Management is a Certificate Tracking Program system focused on bringing growing number of franchisees into compliance with the insurance requirements specified in the FDD and franchise contract. EZ CERT has a team with a combined 50+ years insurance experience trained to quickly and efficiently identify compliance issues based on FDD and notify corporate of non-compliant locations. To learn more visit: https://certmgmt.com/

Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s

With more than 20 years of experience, Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s menu boasts bold, flavorful smoothies with a healthy appeal, all made-to-order with quality ingredients. Combined with tasted wraps, sandwiches, flatbreads and quesadillas made to suit individual tastes with quality meats, fresh produce and flavorful sauces. Combine the flavor with a fun and a relaxing atmosphere, Tropical Smoothie Cafe´s mission is to inspire a healthier lifestyle by serving amazing food and smoothies with bit of tropical fun. To learn more visit: https://www.tropicalsmoothiecafe.com/

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