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Welcome to the Program Insurance Group blog! Do you ever have an insurance question or wonder what you’re even paying for, but don’t want to spend hours searching the internet? We want to make insurance understandable, be your source for education, and explain common coverages. Check back often so you don’t miss our latest insurance insights!


Data Breach and Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage

Many think of data breaches as being a problem of large companies, but the fact of the matter is one in three documented data breaches happen in companies with less than 100 employees. Of those data breaches affecting small businesses, 60 percent close as a result within six months following the breach. If your business […]
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Named Insured, Additional Insured, and Additional Named Insured: What’s The Difference?

Safeguarding your investment and fulfilling your contractual obligations with all vested parties, such as a franchisor or a lender, begins with obtaining proper insurance coverage. However, insurance terms can be confusing, especially when many of the terms sound similar.  A prime example of this is Named Insured, Additional Insured and Additional Named Insured. While they […]
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