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Items a Business Owner can consider during the Covid-19 period

24 Mar, 2020 | PIG News, Business Insurance, Franchise Insurance | View Counts (1840) |Return|

This is an extremely trying time for all, especially for our small businesses. As your agent, we are your advocate for your navigation through the turmoil and we understand the necessity of analyzing expenditures. Maintaining insurance coverage is critical for protecting your business operations from claims related to property loss, vandalism, employment actions, bodily injury and the like, however this is an important time to assess the accuracy of your exposures.

During this period of uncertainty, there are a few ideas to consider regarding insurance premiums for your business: 

  • Adjust the annual sales for your business
  • Evaluate and potentially reduce estimated payroll for Worker’s Compensation
  • Determine if you have the correct limit of property, contents, equipment, etc. 
  • Review your automobile schedule, limits, and deductibles
  • Discuss with your insurance carrier your current payment plan and overall deductibles

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