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Program Insurance Group Adds Value as a Trusted Resource for Sport Clips and their Franchisees at the Brand’s Annual Convention

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Franchisees of Sport Clips Haircuts, one the nation’s most rapidly growing franchise networks, gathered together this past fall at the historic and picturesque Hotel Del located in Coronado, California. As always, they had a lot of questions for Program Insurance Group and their subsidiary company, Dady Insurance.

Because of Dady Insurance and Program Insurance Group’s dedication to closely work with each brand they partner with, thoroughly understanding their unique requirements, they were able to provide comprehensive insurance answers and solutions to the franchisees seeking assistance.

Each year for the past 20 years, Dady Insurance, and now Program Insurance, have made it a point to be in attendance when Sport Clips, their longest standing client, gathers their network of franchisees together for their annual conference. Benchmark conferences such as this are a priority for Program Insurance Group. They understand just how important franchisee and franchisor relationships are to the health of a brand. By attending, Program Insurance Group is on hand as an additional available resource, adding to the already robust support Sport Clips offers their franchisees.

“By helping franchisees understand coverage requirements and providing compliant and cost-effective solutions, Dady and Program Insurance Group bring a lot of value to the table” says Dave Wells, senior director of franchising at Sport Clips. “We are not insurance experts, but having Program Insurance Group there to help our franchisees navigate this complex environment provides us with a lot of comfort.”

With such dedicated professionals intimately knowledgeable about the individual needs of their clients, Dady and Program Insurance Group can write policies compliant with brand standards, mitigating risk for both the franchisee and franchisor. With Program Insurance Group working closely with a franchisor they have the ability to aggregate customers and ultimately offering franchisees superior insurance coverage at a lower cost.

This is demonstrative of the Program Insurance Group advantage. They bring with them insurance expertise gained from 50-plus years of combined experience in the insurance industry, while also providing a unique level of personal and custom care. By working with both franchisor and franchisee, they are able to provide a seamless insurance solution for franchise networks of all sizes.

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